Wilson Law Complete® Civil Matters

Even though it is the aim of this firm to work with all clients in a proactive fashion to minimize the chances the client may end up facing or pursuing formal legal action, Wilson Law maintains the capacity to serve individual plaintiffs or defendants in all phases of an actual or potential civil suit, including cost-saving alternate dispute resolution representation.

Civil litigation; fair debt collection and credit protection; personal injury; foreclosure defense; landlord/tenant disputes; property conflicts; alternate dispute resolution

Wilson Law advises, guides and represents clients who have issues involving creditors, debt collectors, or credit bureaus. Additionally, if a client has encountered an issue where he or she has been wrongfully injured or is the victim of unfair, deceptive and fraudulent business practices, the firm can assist that client to seek appropriate remedy for the harm caused. The firm also provides legal services to clients with real estate-related legal issues including homeowner association disputes; tenant/landlord conflicts; and foreclosure defense.

To discuss your civil matter in confidence, please Contact Us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to connecting with you.

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