Our Practice Areas

For clients seeking legal representation for a current or anticipated legal matter, the firm offers Wilson Law Complete, our full service delivery option. The term full service means that the Practice provides legal expertise across more than one area of law.

Currently, we operate in one of five general practice areas: Estate Matters, Employment Matters, Family Matters, Civil Matters and Criminal Matters. This is particularly important if a person or family experiences a legal event that effects multiple areas (aka "the ripple effect).

Full service representation through Wilson Law Complete also means that when we become your firm of record for a specific legal matter you are facing or pursuing, we handle all aspects of your matter throughout the legal process. Our practice areas for Wilson Law Complete include:


Estate Matters

Advanced directives; healthcare power of attorney; asset protection; trust administration; will preparation and probate law.

Employment Matters

Separation agreements; harassment and hostile workplace complaints; workplace discrimination and wrongful termination claims;

Family Matters

Dissolution/divorce, child custody and visitation, child support; guardianship, juvenile matters, education law (K-12)

Civil Matters

Civil litigation; fair debt collection and credit protection; personal injury; foreclosure defense; landlord/tenant disputes; property conflicts, alternate dispute resolution

Criminal Matters

Traffic offenses (moving), DUI and/or license suspension; misdemeanor and felony defense; record expungement

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