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What is Platinum Plus?

For clients with more general legal needs who are seeking a personal, long-term strategic partnership with the firm, Wilson Law offers our Platinum Plus® model. Focusing on an ongoing attorney-client relationship as a foundation, Wilson Law Platinum Plus® is a unique method of legal service delivery designed to assist clients in organizing and managing their personal legal portfolio (i.e., the client’s complete body of personal legal affairs). Platinum Plus agreements and fees are annual (see costs below) and are renewable upon agreement between firm and clients.

How does Platinum Plus work?

The Wilson Law Platinum Plus® model uses a 3-step process to empower each Platinum Plus® client to take control of his or her personal legal portfolio:

1) Completion of the client’s personal Platinum Plus® Client Legal Profile.

The Client Legal Profile (CLP) is a background questionnaire available to new Platinum Plus® clients. The purpose of the CLP is to gather background information about our clients that will help us to identify their most pressing legal priorities and to assist clients in organizing their legal and personal records in a manner that will make it easy and efficient for the client and firm to communicate and share information.

2) Development of the client’s personal Platinum Plus® Client Readiness Plan.

The second step of the process is the completion of the Client Readiness Plan (CRP). This process includes answering client’s questions about certain legal and health care rights, and organizing the client’s wishes into written legal records. While each CRP is unique to the client’s needs, some of the common components of a CRP include: medical advance directives, medical power of attorney, financial power of attorney, emergency contact plan, medical information, and advanced planning documents such as wills).

3) Ongoing identification of the Wilson Law Platinum Plus® client’s current and anticipated legal matters.

In addition to working with each client to complete the first two steps in the Wilson Law Platinum Plus® process, the firm provides each Platinum Plus® client and eligible members of client’s household with the following exclusive legal services and client account tools to help manage additional current and anticipated legal matters:

     Legal Expertise

      Client Convenience

  • Prioritized consultations on any new legal issue
  • 24-hour emergency law firm accessibility
  • Complimentary Legal Advice Conferences - normally $100
  • Secure 24-hour electronic access to client account
  • Legal Document Review- one document per month up to 15 pages
  • Electronic safekeeping of vital legal records and documentation
  • Annual Personal Legal Portfolio Review
  • Exclusively-priced access to Wilson Law Direct platform

Wilson Law Platinum Plus® Costs

Wilson Law Platinum Plus® clients pay a first year retainer fee of $1,000. Client spouses can be included in the agreement for an additional first year fee of $500. The retainer fee is payable in installments. In exchange for retainer payment, the client and the firm will work together to complete the client’s Platinum Plus® Client Legal Profile and complete the client’s Platinum Plus® Client Readiness Plan. The annual Platinum Plus contract is renewable upon agreement between firm and client(s) at a cost of $500 annually.


Fees for Additional Legal Services 

Additional legal representation or legal services for Platinum Plus®clients outside of the scope of the Platinum Plus®client services described above must be expressly accepted in advance by the firm. Upon agreement by the firm and the Wilson Law Platinum Plus®client, additional representation will be billed at either an agreed upon flat fee arrangement, on a contingent basis (depending upon the nature of the legal matter), or at a special Platinum Plus®client hourly rate of $150 per hour.[i] No guesswork.

[i]Does not include cases referred to outside counsel.


How to get started with Platinum Plus

If you are interested in a long-term strategic partnership with a law firm that is accessible, responsive, and ready to help you become a greater organized and better prepared legal consumer, contact us for an appointment! Alternatively, you can complete our Platinum Plus Client Intake Form, accessible here:

Platinum Plus Intake


The Platinum Plus Idea 

Where did the idea for affordable retainer-based representation come from? After many years of study and research on the topic of personal legal services, we reached the following conclusions:

  • People need lawyers.
  • Lawyers need people.
  • Most people aren't turning to lawyers for the legal needs.
  • People are finding alternative ways to consume personal legal services, and
  • as they do so, they provide valuable clues as to how to reach them.
  • Lawyers should use these clues to build a model that appeals to the market

These conclusions pointed toward an opportunity to create a personal legal services delivery model with the ability to provide quality legal services to individuals and families that are affordable, accessible, and utilized by clients on a consistent, sustained basis.

And of course, at the heart of this arrangement is a commitment to engage clients with first class hospitality, advanced account management tools, and complimentary goodwill services that until now would be only be experienced by those able to pay very high fees.