A: The firm is located in Butler County, Ohio at the Union Centre Office Tower II. 9078 Union Centre Blvd, Suite 350, West Chester Township, OH 45069.

We are open for business M-F 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. However, all consultations are by appointment only.

A: Initial consultations are available by phone or e-mail. There is no charge to have your general questions about your case answered.

If after the initial consultation, the need arises for a face-to-face meeting to provide specific legal advice to you and evaluate your case for possible representation, this meeting (a.k.a. Legal Advice Conference) requires a payment of $100 in advance, unless specifically waived in advance by the firm.

A: During business hours, please call us at 513-984-6050 and your call will be promptly greeted and properly handled. You can also e-mail us 24 hours a day on the contact link on the upper left of the screen.

A: It depends on the nature of the legal matter and the scope of the representation the client is seeking. If the representation is limited to legal advice or document preparation and review, our flat rates are listed in the Wilson Law Direct platform for the service or document purchased.

However, for full service representation, the standard hourly rate charged by attorney Darnell M. Wilson is $250.00.

A: Yes. With the exception of services purchased directly through the Wilson Law Direct platform, payment plans may be available. The retainer fee required up front to begin representation for all other services will range from between 25-50% of the total fee quoted.

A: Currently, the firm only practices within the State of Ohio. The majority of our clients reside in Hamilton and Butler counties, but we have also served clients in other counties in Ohio. In fact, Attorney Darnell Wilson has filed or defended active cases in over in 50 county Common Pleas and municipal courts in Ohio.

A: Wilson Law is a general practice firm offering legal services in five primary areas: Estate matters, Employment matters, Family matters, Civil matters, and Criminal matters.


A:  We primarily serve clients fitting into one of three groups: those who need limited support for a legal matter (Wilson Law Direct), those in need of full legal support for an active or pending case within one of our practice areas (Wilson Law Complete) , and those seeking ongoing legal support and service for general legal needs (Wilson Law Platinum Plus).

A:  A good place to start is through Wilson Law Direct, our on-line platform of legal documents and advice through direct purchase from thise site. Through the Wilson Law Direct platform, purchasers can create a free log-in, select their document, answer a few questions needed to complete the legal document and submits the information to the firm. The final document is prepared and finalized by staff and reviewed by a Wilson Law attorney and is then forwarded to the purchaser. The entire process can be completed in as little as 72 hours. We are always adding new documents and current legal documents available through the Wilson Law Direct platform include:

Shameless plug for Wilson Law Direct aside, if the legal document you are searching for is not included in our options, or you would prefer a more traditional approach to legal document preparation, we would love to speak to you.

A: Both scenarios require consultation with an attorney as soon as possible. However, if you have received notice that you are a party (defendant) on any type of civil suit, you should take immediate steps to speak to a legal representative since formal responses to civil suits are typically very time-sensitive.

A: You should get the name and the number of the detective and let them know you will be back in contact as soon as possible. It is almost never advisable to provide investigators with any information that may further incriminate or implicate you on a potential criminal charge.  You must contact a qualified criminal attorney to discuss your matter in confidence.

A: Regardless of the circumstances, if a police officer has detained you and made it known (through words or actions) that you are not free to leave, then you must comply with that police officer. If you fail to do so, you risk additional charges as well as potential injury to yourself, officers, and others. Under no circumstances do you have a right to resist a police officer’s attempt to place you into custody.